Personalisation in Glasgow - What You Need to Know

Glagsow Health & Social Care Partnership (which provides funding for support for most people with learning disability in Glasgow) provides funding for care based on a system of Self Directed Support (SDS), sometimes known as 'Personalisation'.  Eventually this system will apply to almost everyone who uses social care services.

SDS logo

In the SDS system, each service user has an individual budget allocated to them which they use to ‘buy’ a package of support they need.  This will cover things like supported living, day services, transport, respite care, or any other support funded by the Council.  Some people choose to hold their budget themselves and pay for their support directly.  In other cases, the Council will continue to hold the money, but the person can still have choice over what they do with their budget.

For many people, SDS will be a good thing.  They may get more choice about the support they get, and on how they wish to spend their money. 

However, there are a number of potential problems, and many carers and service users are worried about these. The main problem is that Glasgow Health & Social Care Partnership, like many other authorities in Scotland, has much less money to spend on support than it used to have, and some people’s support budgets have been cut.

There is more information on this process on the Your Support Your Way website.  This also has links to other good sources of information.