What Is ENABLE Glasgow? 

ENABLE Glasgow is a membership organisation, working with people with learning disabilities, their carers, and other supporters to ensure people with learning disabilities in and around Glasgow have the best possible opportunities to get the most from life.

We do this by providing a range of services that reflect the needs and aspirations of the people who use them.  We don’t aim to become a large service provider – rather, we help develop services that our members tell us they want and need.

Another key part of our work is to support our members and supporters to campaign on issues that affect them, locally and nationally.  We provide information and advice, and a forum through which people with learning disabilities and their carers can find mutual support.

ENABLE Glasgow prides itself on being an organisation that is directly controlled by its members, supporting people to have a direct role in the services they rely on.  We are also part of the national ENABLE Scotland network.

Glasgow ACE

What We Believe

  • We believe that everyone with a learning disability should be able to have a say in designing and running the services they need, even if they can’t always speak for themselves. 
  • We believe that everyone with a learning disability is different and services that suit one person won’t necessarily suit others. 
  • We believe that the best services are services which let the people who use them have a direct say over how they are run. 
  • We believe that people with learning disabilities having a decent, safe, and fulfilling life is a basic human right, and that how any society respects this right is a reflection of how it respects human rights in general.

What We Do 

ENABLE Glasgow runs a range of services, including supported living (with both intensive and less intensive support), training for work, opportunities to make an economic contribution to the community, and social support. 

We also provide a range of social opportunities for people with learning disabilities, and host forums through which they can have a say in the issues that are important to them.  We  provide support services to carers, as well as supporting our members to campaign on a wide variety of issues.  We have almost 400 members, and provide direct services to more than 200 people.  Please check out the rest of our site for more details.