Help for Carers In Glasgow

The Carers (Scotland) Act, which came into force on 1st April 2019, gives carers rights in law which should make it clearer what kind of support you can expect if you are a carer. 


Essentially, the very least you can expect as a carer is to have a Carers’ Assessment carried out, and be given access to advice directly or thorough the Carers Information Line.  Glasgow Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) has set up an Eligibility Criteria system, which categorises need as either Low, Moderate, or Critical/Substantial.  The kind of assistance you may receive will be dependent on your assessed level of need, and this can range from basic advice to a full Self Directed Support package.  However, the HSCP recognises that it is to everyone’s benefit if the right help can be given at the right time, in order to avoid need becoming critical.  Other kinds of help that carers might receive include money and benefits advice, emergency planning, peer support, training, short breaks, and carer health checks.

The HSCP website has more information on how the assessment system works, and the Carers Information Line in Glasgow can be reached on 0141 353 6504.  There are also a number of local Carers’ Centres in the city, which can also supply all the information you need.

The addresses and contract details for the three Social Work Carers Teams in the city are as follows:

Glasgow North East Carers Support Team

28-30 Adamswell Street, Glasgow G21 4DD

Phone: 0141 276 4710



Glasgow North West Carers Support Team

35 Church Street, Partick, Glasgow G11 5JT

Phone: 0141 276 1066



Glasgow South Carers Support Team

130 Langton Road, Pollok, Glasgow G53 5DP

Phone: 0141 276 2904


 If you are a carer you can complete a Self Assessment Form, which is available from the Glasgow City Council website – you can also download a copy by clicking here.