Have You Made an Emergency Plan?

For people who look after someone with a learning disability at home, one of the most common worries is about what will happen to that person if the carer has to stop caring in an emergency.  For some years now we have been working with Glasgow City Council and other agencies to address the particular needs of older carers, and as part of this we have been seeking ways to help carers draw up clear plans for dealing with emergency situations.  Therefore we are absolutely delighted that a specific Carers Emergency Planning Service is now up and running, which will work with carers to draw up an emergency plan which can be put into operation when an emergency arises. 

If you would like to draw up a plan, the worker will make an appointment with you at your home or anywhere else, will help fill in a specially designed form which sets out what should be done in an emergency.  You will then have a copy for yourself, and copies will also be lodged with Social Work, GPs, other relatives, emergency contacts, and your local Carers Centre, ready for use if an emergency occurs.

 emergency planning leaflet

We think that this initiative is a real step forward in helping our members plan for the future.  The project is time limited, and we would encourage anyone who is a carer over 55 years old to take advantage of this opportunity to gain some peace of mind for the future.  We will be giving regular updates over the coming months in GB News.  Please contact us if you would like to find out more.