ENABLE Scotland’s current major national campaign focuses on putting an end to bullying and isolation of people with learning disabilities.  Our service users tell us that this is one of the issues that concerns them most, and most have been on the receiving end of such treatment at some point in their lives. 

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 Two-thirds of young people who have learning disabilities and/or autism spectrum disorders have been bullied.  In a recent survey nearly one-third of 1550 secondary pupils in Scotland said that they find it difficult to make friends with young people at their school who have a learning disability.  #BetheChange aims to change this.  The campaign wants everyone to make a commitment to break down barriers to an equal society for every person who has a learning disability. Our members think that the best way to do this is for people to get to know each other better – to see the person, not just a learning disability. 

#BetheChange is supporting people who have a learning disability, our ‘Change Champions’, to deliver workshops across Scotland throughout 2018. #BetheChange gives people who have a learning disability a platform to share their personal stories and raise awareness of unacceptable behaviour and practices.  Change Champions who have taken part so far have produced an excellent new short film which seeks to explain the effects that bullying can have, and what everyone can do to help change this.  You can see the film by clicking here.  You can also sign the #BetheChange pledge at the campaign web page by clicking here

Please support the campaign and hopefully we can make bullying of people with learning dsiabilities a thing of the past.