Singing and Music

Fortune Works is a hub for music and singing activities. These form some of the most popular activities on our weekly timetable.

Service users who are involved in these groups are responsible for choosing, rehearsing and performing songs and musical pieces at our bi-monthly themed lunch events.

Singing group

Our themed lunches are popular service user-led events. Our Service Alliance Group is involved in representing and discussing service user ideas for the different themes of these lunches and they also make key decisions about the menus.

Organising these groups around live performances gives direction and purpose and allows service users to take ownership of arranging their own events.

Our singing group currently takes place on a Monday morning and our music/percussion group meets on a Wednesday morning. Service users get involved in drumming and some play guitar, whilst others work mainly on hand held instruments.

We also have popular karaoke and singing events involving local stakeholders, such as our Corporate Social Volunteers and volunteers from the local community.

In short, Fortune Works is home to a musically talented bunch!