Covid19/Coronavirus - How Our Services Are Affected

We realise that this is a very worrying time for everyone, and that many people with learning disability and their carers will be particularly affected, especially in terms of the disruption caused to daily life.  At ENABLE Glasgow, our key aim has been to keep operating as close to normal for as long as possible.  However, as you would imagine, we have had to put a number of measures in place to protect against the possible effect of the virus.  This page will give information about our key services, and is valid as at 24th March 2020.

Esmond Street Advanced Support Service

Service users at Esmond Street will of course continue to be supported.  However, all external activities have been suspended, and we are asking that no-one visit the unit apart from medical staff and essential suppliers/contractors.  Enhanced infection control procedures have been in place for some weeks.  We have been adjusting staff rotas in order to maintain cover, and have contingency plans in place for replacement staffing should this become necessary.  We are in constant liaison with all relevant statutory services such as community medical staff and the Health and Social Care Partnership.  If you require more information please contact the unit on 0141 352 7990

Balshagray House

Emergency arrangements at Balshagray are essentially the same as at Esmond Street. If you require more information please contact the unit on 0141 339 5130.

Fortune Works

Given the instructions issued by the UK and Scottish Governments on 23rd March, Fortune Works closed to service users on 24th March, and this will remain the case until further notice.  Staff are working from home, and are providing a remote support service to more service users and their families.  Staff will be in regular contact with service users, especially those who are most vulnerable.  We will liaise with our colleagues in social work services and health services in order to make sure that our service users are safe and secure.  If you require more information please contact our central office on 0141 332 7420.   If we are not able to answer straight away, please leave a voice message.

Clubs and Social Activities

As clubs and social activities have been suspended until further notice. 

Central Office

We continue to maintain a much reduced staff presence at our central office.  However,  staff may be redirected to support our core services, or may be required to work at home, so at times it may not be possible to immediately respond to telephone calls or e-mail requests.  However, if you leave a message, we will get back to you as soon as we can.

We are very grateful for your continued support at this difficult time.  We will update this page as further events unfold, and will hopefully add more information pages to the website soon.  We will also be updating our Facebook page regularly.